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As part of our commitment to the education of the steel pan, Souls of Steel would like to provide workshops on the art of musical performances and other instructional programs, working with neighborhood centres and encouraging youth to participate in community events. Due to the historical connection between Holy Name School and Blake St community, considered an area with high risk youth, and our close proximity to the area we would like to provide a safe after school environment where these children can learn not only musical theory but also soft skills and other life attributes.

Souls of Steel would like to replace the current income stream (eg. All members including minors are asked to contribute monthly) with a more reliable income stream. Or goals are to own our steel pan equipment and have the resources to seek out performances at music venues and festivals locally and internationally.

You can bring Souls of Steel closer to realizing its goals and positively impacting the community through donation or sponsorship.

'The atmostphere created by [Souls of Steel Orchestra's] music made for a joyous event and many smiles for all who attended. They were truly an addition to the event.' - MP Etobicoke North, Kirsty Duncan
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